Doylestown Car Accident Lawyer

Doylestown Car Accident Lawyer

Doylestown Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents are never easy to deal with, especially if you or a loved one have been injured. You may be suffering both physical and mental pain, as well as a major monetary loss. That leaves you hurt, struggling, and confused about where to begin with your claim. That’s why our Doylestown car accident lawyer with Baratta Law, LLC is at your service. Our team will walk you through the steps you need to take when filing a claim. No matter how complex your claim is, we’re dedicated to helping you get fairly compensated.

Making a Doylestown Car Accident Claim

Due to your limit on time, you will want to know what to do to prepare for your case ahead of time. Before even reaching out to a lawyer at Baratta Law, you will want to make sure you collect plenty of evidence at the scene.

Below are some examples of evidence you may collect after a Doylestown car accident:

  • Photos – Damage, skid marks, signs, stoplights, and weather can all impact your car accident. Taking photos now can be key evidence later.
  • Police Reports – These are open to the public upon request. Your copy of the police report can act as evidence for your claim.
  • Records – Car repair costs and medical records can help you prove you were injured and what your damages are worth.
  • Witness Testimonies – People on the street, nearby, or in a car who saw your Doylestown accident may be willing to speak on your behalf.

Different Types of Compensation For Doylestown Car Accidents

After an accident, you should reach out to a Doylestown car accident attorney right away. Our team will help guide you on what to do next to receive the compensation you deserve. However, each case is different, and the compensation you’re due may vary.

There are several different types of compensation you may be entitled to under Pennsylvania law:

In Pennsylvania, you will also want to consider the law of comparative damage. Under this law, you will be evaluated on how much fault you have in the accident. If you are less than 50 percent responsible for the accident, you will be compensated.

However, you will be compensated based on your amount of fault. For example, if you are determined to be at 40 percent of the fault, you will earn 60 percent of the compensation from the case.

Call a Car Accident Lawyer in Doylestown

It is normal to be unsure of what next steps to take after a car accident. You may be suffering from monetary, physical, or mental pain. To help you better make it through this struggle, you deserve compensation. That’s why our team at Baratta Law, LLC works with Doylestown residents like you to ensure you get what you deserve.

We work with you every step of the way to guide you on your claim journey, through filing the claim to settlement and the court process. When you’re ready to speak with a Doylestown car accident lawyer, reach out by calling 215-914-8132 or by completing the online contact form below.

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