Philadelphia motorcycle accident lawyer

Philadelphia Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Philadelphia Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

A motorcycle can provide fun and freedom on the roads of Philadelphia and surrounding counties. Unfortunately, Pennsylvania motorcycle collisions can result in life altering injuries like broken bones, skin injuries, brain injuries and other catastrophic injuries such as amputation, spinal cord injuries as well as wrongful death. Philadelphia motorcycle accident victims shouldn’t deal with insurance companies alone as they’re initial settlement offer (which comes very soon after the accident benefits them and not you) Nor do most Philly residents know PA personal injury laws or how to navigate the Pennsylvania state court system. You need a devoted Philadelphia motorcycle accident lawyer handling all of this on your behalf so you can focus on recovering.

When the negligent actions of other drivers cause severe injuries, victims should seek the advice of a Philadelphia motorcycle accident lawyer experienced in these areas of practice. The lawyers of Baratta Law, LLC are concerned about your suffering and have helped Philadelphia families recover rightful compensation for decades.

Medical Expenses for Severe Injuries Are Often Costly

The average costs of medical care for injuries from motorcycle crashes are almost twice those from passenger vehicle collisions, amounting to major financial strain on motorcycle accident victims. The more catastrophic the injuries, the more expenses families face for emergency medical attention and unpredictable elements of care like future medical treatments.

Crashes can be devastating to the bodies of motorcyclists because of their proximity to the roads. Disfigurement may result from broken bones or road burns, particularly if drivers are not protected well. Doctors may determine an injury requires surgeries, including amputation. Spinal and brain injuries common in motorcycle accidents can cause lifetime paralysis.

Even a condition such as depression can be triggered by dangerous and traumatic events like a motorcycle collision. Skilled consultants with experience in personal injury practice areas like this won’t evaluate two cases in the same way. They will ensure your specific economic damages and pain and suffering are paid in full by insurance agencies for their driver’s negligence.

What Factors Cause a Preventable Motorcycle Accident?

Negligence and carelessness come in as many forms as there are drivers on our Philadelphia roads. However, every circumstance of an accident is a possible contributing factor, so it is important to understand these common causes of motorcycle accidents below:

  • Speeding – When drivers don’t follow traffic rules governing speed, they put other drivers, pedestrians, and even their passengers at risk of serious injury. Police often write citations for speeding at accident scenes to impress upon the parties involved how easily their recklessness can result in injuries or fatalities.
  • Driving Under the Influence – Whether a driver is mildly intoxicated or impaired by illegal drugs, choosing to get behind the wheel of a vehicle while under the influence is negligent behavior. When an individual’s false confidence in their ability to safely operate a vehicle has resulted in severe injuries to a motorcyclist, accountability should fall squarely on the shoulders of negligent drivers.
  • Improper Maintenance – Both motorcycles and the vehicles they crash with should have been maintained without defects. Defective parts or products, and any type of hazardous road condition are also common factors in motorcycle wrecks.

Some types of negligence, like distracted driving, can contribute to any incident from a bus crash to a bicycle accident. When people are riding on a motorcycle and not protected by the walls and airbags of a passenger vehicle, they are vulnerable to the carelessness of others. Negligent parties’ insurance coverage should pay victims all compensable damage claimed.

Insurance Companies May Be Reluctant to Pay Claims for Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Serious accident cases are typically complex, and motorcycle crash lawsuits are no exception. Liability, for example, is often an issue in these claims. Insurance companies take advantage of any instance of an injured victim’s comparative negligence. Speeding, failure to use signals, or not yielding at an intersection may be used as justification for offering lowball settlements.

Even your automobile insurance may not seem interested in your injuries, property damage, or in answering the many practical questions following a motorcycle accident. Although you pay for the coverage, you may not feel covered by your insurance adjuster when each of their questions feels like a challenge and you’re offered only a partial settlement for your losses.

The effective representation of a Philadelphia motorcycle accident attorney is a key way to increase your claim’s chance of winning. Our accident lawyers have knowledge and experience that can provide you with legal assistance and peace of mind. It can make the difference between thousands or millions of dollars in terms of reasonable settlements and verdicts.

How an Experienced Attorney Can Help You Achieve a Winning Outcome

If you’re hurt in a Philadelphia motorcycle accident, you may be worried about your options. How can a lawyer help you achieve an outcome that covers all your needs?

Check out the ways our lawyers can help you below.

Establish Liability Determination on Time

Liability is an issue that should be addressed when accident claims are started, particularly those involving a motorcycle. Our attorneys will investigate and obtain the detailed information needed to firmly establish the liability of the other driver’s insurance, such as witness statements, photos, police reports, and other documentation.

Handle Accident Claims on Your Behalf

There are many benefits of letting the experts handle the formal insurance claims while you focus on dealing with your injuries. Accident lawyers will answer questions and provide information to the adjuster and will negotiate settlements.

If these agencies can’t be reasonable, however, your attorney will take your claim before a judge to achieve justice.

Ensure Every Filing Deadline Is Met

There is a time limit for filing personal injury cases like a motorcycle accident claim, known as the statute of limitations. In Pennsylvania, the statute of limitations is two years.

An extension to this deadline is rare, so it’s important to have a professional evaluate personal injury matters as soon as possible so they can prepare winning strategies.

Maximize the Final Settlement or Verdict You’re Awarded

Though it’s optional and doesn’t guarantee a certain outcome, hiring an attorney to represent you can increase the amount you are awarded for the compensable personal injuries you’ve suffered. The decision to seek representation with a reputation for excellence is one of the best steps you can take after any automobile accident.

Contact a Philadelphia Motorcycle Accident Lawyer for Dedicated Guidance

A motorcycle accident can be devastating. You’re in pain, facing future medical problems, and losing income from hours you would’ve worked, all because another person failed to drive safely. Insurance companies may not take these matters seriously, making you feel like little more than a statistic to them.

A top-rated accident lawyer can positively impact the direction your case takes. When a motorcycle accident has resulted in catastrophic losses, you need a leader in personal injury law to use their abilities and resources to recover every damage you deserve.

At Baratta Law, LLC, our commitment to guiding clients on the path to justice is backed by service and experience. To schedule a free consultation with our lawyers, call our office at 215-914-8132, or submit the online form below.

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