Philadelphia personal injury lawyer

Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury Is Always Personal

You’re in Pain

Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer

It’s never easy to recover from a serious injury much less a catastrophic injury. The possibility of lifelong health effects may also add anxiety to the stress of an accident. Physical pain is only the beginning of a personal injury, but it can make it difficult to focus on the rest of the process. That’s where a Philadelphia personal injury lawyer comes in, to help guide you through the pain and suffering to the best possible outcome.

Your Finances Have Taken a Hit

To add insult to injury, getting hurt in an accident is expensive. Lost wages and medical expenses can quickly make the bills overwhelming, through no fault of your own. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your peace of mind because of someone else’s negligence. When an accident or malpractice results in financial costs as well as injuries, you have rights to compensation that covers all your needs.

You Feel Like No One Cares

Insurance companies aren’t interested in your recovery, physically or financially. They want you to settle for the lowest dollar amount possible, making the process of seeking compensation isolating and stressful. A skilled attorney will use their dedicated experience to represent you and fight for your cause. Our team provides the support you need, so you never feel alone while you focus on recovering. 

How Baratta Law, LLC Can Guide You Through a Catastrophic Personal Injury

An attorney with years of experience handling personal injury cases can make a major impact on the settlement you recover from an accident. More importantly, you’ll know someone is acting on your behalf and in your best interest. The office of Baratta Law, LLC will work tirelessly to not only win your case, but to have a positive impact on your family’s life.

Our Experience Will Work for You

Our lawyers have plenty of numbers to back up their claims of experience handling personal injury cases—decades at trial, millions won in verdicts, and numerous honors and awards. But the numbers they value are how many people they have been able to help by using that experience, and how many clients they still call friends years after their cases end.

We Love to Help

At Baratta Law, LLC, we represent victims of personal injuries because we genuinely care about the Philadelphia community, and it brings us joy to provide justice for its members. Our lawyers aren’t afraid to take on complex cases when they see accident victims in physical, emotional, and financial pain. That’s because they know they can push insurers to compensate them for their injuries.

We Communicate with Our Clients

Communication is key to the quality of service our office maintains. We provide regular updates on case progress and request ongoing information about medical care for your injuries. When you have questions, it’s reasonable to expect a clear response from your attorney in a timely manner. You can depend on the highest standards of communication from the lawyers of Baratta Law, LLC.

Our Preparation is Relentless

Where our clients see compassion for their legal matters, the insurance companies see a reputation for preparation to win lawsuits. Though our lawyers make every effort to negotiate settlements, they’re never taken by surprise when cases must be litigated. Our accident lawyers will help you achieve financial compensation for every damage you have suffered due to an accident you didn’t cause.

We Care for Your Family like Our Own

Our office’s exacting standards of service extend to the people closest to you. Part of the Baratta Law, LLC difference is our understanding of how an individual’s injuries can impact multiple areas of familial life. When questions arise throughout your case, our professional consultants will always strive to communicate the information you and your family need to feel secure and protected.

You’ve Been Injured. What’s Next?

When an accident has resulted in catastrophic injuries, the most obvious priority is medical attention. But once you’ve left the hospital and the implications of how the accident is going to change your life begin to set in, you’re likely to have practical questions about dealing with insurance. You may be looking for assistance holding at-fault parties accountable to compensate you for the losses you’ve claimed.

The first steps are often the hardest to take after an accident, malpractice incident, or wrongful death. A Philadelphia personal injury attorney can give advice on your options and guide you on the path to financial compensation. A free consultation with our lawyers will provide more detailed information on the next steps in your situation, but here are some general tips for dealing with a personal injury.

Maintain Consistent Medical Treatment and Records

After an accident, recovering from your injuries should be your primary focus. Following doctors’ advice, keeping follow-up appointments, filling prescriptions on schedule, and communicating with your attorney about your medical care lays a solid foundation for your claim. Our experts are skilled in using consistent medical treatment records as they negotiate with the other party’s insurance.

It may seem like a lot of information to keep up with. Luckily, an attorney can obtain medical records and handle accident claims on your behalf. Our office will provide a folder for any case-related documentation you receive, but the details are our job. You’ve suffered enough. Let our trusted experts rise to the challenge of recovering your financial losses while you recover your life.

Determine Liability for the Injury

Often, the fault for an accident falls solely on the defendant. In a comparative negligence state like Pennsylvania, insurance companies may instead attempt to settle for less by claiming the victim’s actions contributed to the circumstances and they share partial blame. It is important to firmly establish liability, but it may also be complex, particularly in a claim like a vehicle or trucking accident.

A knowledgeable attorney in personal injury practice areas will investigate police reports and pursue a statement from each potential witness in a timely manner following your accident. This evidence solidifies the other party’s liability and strengthens the damages you’ve claimed, and our lawyers will require the insurance company to compensate you fully for all the types of damages you’ve incurred.

Know What Your Claim Is Worth

Opposing insurers may be eager in offering settlements after an accident, but they are rarely concerned with the victim’s pain and suffering. It’s important to remember that their goal is to pay as little as possible and that an effective attorney will advocate for you. We will require them to compensate you for the damage you’ve suffered due to the negligent actions of their insured.

Serious injuries and their impact on your income aren’t likely to resolve quickly. A knowledgeable personal injury attorney will assess your claim and determine the appropriate compensation for present and future pain and suffering. When the lawyers of Baratta Law, LLC represent you, they will use every resource at their disposal to ensure you are awarded sufficient financial compensation.

Reach out to a Personal Injury Lawyer for Help

As if accidents and injuries aren’t enough, the issue of establishing the defendant’s liability and getting them to compensate you can feel overwhelming. The lawyers of Baratta Law, LLC have helped to ease that burden for hundreds of victims of medical malpractice, defective products, auto accidents, premise liability, and construction site dangers.

Whether it’s the first step or the next step in your case, our firm is committed to standing by you and your family the entire way. With years of experience winning justice for the people of Philadelphia, our dedicated consultants are uniquely prepared to help you navigate your rights and provide legal assistance with the highest standard of care and professionalism throughout your situation.

Baratta Law, LLC provides legal aid to Philadelphians throughout the metro area, including all of the following localities:

  • Huntingdon Valley
  • Bensalem
  • Doylestown
  • Richboro
  • Warminster
  • Warrington
  • Holland
  • Newtown
  • Southampton
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  • North Wales
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  • Bristol
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  • Hatboro
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  • Glenside
  • Jamison
  • Yardley
  • Ambler
  • New Hope
  • Quakertown
  • Trevose
  • Abington

What Exactly Is a Personal Injury?

In legal terms, a personal injury occurs when someone suffers physical, emotional, or psychological damage due to the negligence of another party. Unfortunately, there are as many forms of personal injury as there are forms of negligence. From medical malpractice to motorcycle accidents, victims of the carelessness of other people have legal rights to pursue compensation. 

The lawyers of Baratta Law, LLC specialize in representing and winning for clients who have suffered catastrophic injuries caused by:

  • Medical Malpractice When doctors and nurses fail to uphold their duty to do no harm and errors occur, the outcome can be devastating and change your family’s life.
  • Defective Products If manufacturers don’t ensure the safety of their products for the use of others, serious injuries can occur and result in a products liability claim.
  • Car, Truck, and Motorcycle Accidents Any given moment of carelessness by other drivers can cause a collision that results in a lifetime of pain and suffering.
  • Dangerous Property Conditions A property owner’s failure to secure premises safety at their place of business can result in life-altering injuries to visitors.
  • Construction Site Dangers – The negligent actions of contractors can quickly cause serious injury or death on an already hazardous construction site and workplace.

Even if someone else is responsible for your injuries, getting them to compensate you may present a challenge. Our lawyers will use their experience, creativity, and knowledge of Pennsylvania laws to make sure you have a guide along the way, acting on your behalf to achieve justice. We believe personal injury is personal, and that’s actively reflected in our representation of our clients.

Call a Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorney

Overcoming a personal injury is never easy. Insurance companies, medical providers, financial strain, and mental stress can make it difficult to prioritize recovery after an accident. The last thing you should have to worry about is navigating the legal system to get the compensation you deserve—that’s our job at Baratta Law, LLC. 

Reach out to a Philadelphia personal injury lawyer you can trust to guide you and your family through a stressful time. To schedule a free case review and consultation with our lawyers, give us a call at 215-914-8132, or fill out the contact form below.

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