Is It Worth Suing After a Car Accident

In the aftermath of a car accident, you may suffer financial difficulties or lose your independence for some time. The most common question victims tend to ask is whether suing after a car accident is worth the trouble.

Today on the Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers Podcast we are going to talk about a specific topic related to auto accidents. The decision to sue or not to sue is fraught with difficulty for most people simply because this is not something they deal with every day.

That’s why it’s always smart to turn to an experienced car accident lawyer in situation like this. So today we’ll give you a few guidelines from our years of experience that you can rely on when you have been in any kind of vehicle accident and are trying to decide the right course of action.

Trucking Accidents

If you’ve been hurt by a reckless truck driver, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. But where do you begin, and what can you do to recover from this accident?

In this episode of the Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers Podcast we talk about the benefits and compensation you could receive if you have been hurt in a trucking accident.

Product Liability

From your favorite appliance to the prescription drugs you take and the vehicle you drive, you depend on being able to safely use an array of products every day. When companies fail to manufacture these products with proper care or to warn the public of their inherent dangers, they can cause serious injuries and even deaths.

In this episode of the podcast we talk about the responsibility of manufacturers to make products that are safe for everyone to use, and answer some of the most commonly asked questions about product liability claims.

Episode 7 – Construction Site Injuries

In this episode of the podcast we want to cover injuries sustained to some of the hardest working people we know, construction workers. Construction sites are dangerous places and construction workers are often put into difficult and precarious positions in order to get the job done.

When something goes wrong, who is there to help them get back on their feet? We’ll discuss the kinds of construction sit accidents and injuries we see on a regular basis and how anyone injured in a construction accident can begin the process to get the compensation they need and deserve to get their life back on track.

Episode 6 – Brain Injuries

In this episode we pull together three of Tony Baratta’s most watched videos from his YouTube channel “The Brain Injury Support Network”.

Today we are going to focus on three topics, first a general explanation of brain injuries of varying severity, then a deeper dive into a very specific diagnostic tool used when people are in a coma, and finally, something most people don’t think of when it comes to a brain injury, but how an injury to the brain can cause problems with relationships.

It’s a sad fact, but true, and Tony has some good advice for those experiencing relationship problems after a loved one has had an injury to the head.

Episode 5 – Trucking Accidents

In this episode attorney Tony Baratta discusses the special circumstances surrounding trucking accidents.

Topics include:
What to do immediately if you are injured in a trucking accident
The types of damages recoverable
Why truck drivers are seen as a real life Santa Claus
And, the difference between death and survival damages. It’s not what you think!

Episode 4 – Medical Malpractice

What are the 4 reasons you may need a medical malpractice lawyer? What are the 7 types of medical malpractice cases? Attorney Tony Baratta uses his over 33 years of experience as an accomplished personal injury lawyer to help you through a difficult time. If you are considering filing a medical malpractice lawsuit, this is a must-hear episode.

Episode 3 – Catastrophic Injury

In this episode attorney Tony Baratta discusses the devastating effects of a catastrophic injury, how he defines a catastrophic injury and the steps you can take to help rebuild your life if you or a loved one have been severely injured in a life altering accident.

Included in this podcast:
How to preserve evidence at the scene of an accident
What causes spinal cord injury?
What is an eggshell plaintiff?
How does a pre existing condition affect your claim?
How to keep the insurance company from taking advantage of you.

Episode 2 – Motorcycle Accidents

In this episode of the Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers Podcast we talk about a very specific kind of vehicle accident. All kinds of vehicle accidents can be damaging and destructive, but motorcycle accidents can be especially life altering.

We’ll answer some common questions about motorcycle accidents, explore the reasons the accidents happen, who can be held liable, and finally we’ll discuss some of possible benefits and compensation you could receive if you or someone you love has been the victim of a catastrophic motorcycle accident.

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