What is Wrongful Death

You’ve probably seen or heard the term WRONGFUL DEATH when lawyers are talking about personal injury lawsuits. But it’s a strange term, right? WRONGFUL death. What does that mean exactly?

When the negligence of other people has resulted in the loss of a loved one, it’s no longer possible for that individual to recover their economic damages. Even medical bills may be unpaid, not to mention the family’s pain and suffering.

That’s why wrongful death cases are filed by the families of victims of fatal injuries caused by the negligence or malicious intent of others.

In this episode of the Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers Podcast we are going to define some of the terms of wrongful death, describe some of the things that can cause a wrongful death lawsuit to be your best recourse, how an experienced attorney can be of great service in a situation where you’ve lost a loved and are overwhelmed with bills, and finally some of the kinds of compensation you and your family could be entitled to if you have a wrongful death claim.

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