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No matter how compassionate a lawyer is, the proof of their ability to fight for their clients is in the results of their cases. The attorneys of Baratta Law, LLC have helped secure the financial futures of hundreds of Philadelphia families, and you can learn more about some of their most significant case results here.



In a Confidential Settlement, a young man who had lost both legs above his knees trying to help a motorist who had suffered a flat tire was guaranteed annual income for life and enough money to pay for a lifetime of his extensive medical care. This case involved 9 years of litigation against 4 defendants.



Our client, a 42 year old kindergarten teacher, was experiencing intra-abdominal pain for which she sought treatment with her family doctor. Our client’s family doctor diagnosed her with gallbladder stones and referred her to Defendant, Dr. Ledesma, for treatment. Defendant Dr. Ledesma performed a laparoscopic cholecystectomy at Defendant, Northeastern Hospital. Our client’s post-operative course was immediately characterized by significant abdominal pain greater than would have been expected from a laparoscopic cholecystectomy, whereas minimal pain and discharge within 24 hours is normally expected after such a procedure.



Verdict against drunk driver and the bar where the driver had been over served.



Arbitration award of $1.9 MM leads to confidential settlement in missed cancer diagnosis case.



Montco Jury Awards Slip and Fall $1.6 MM – Montco Jury Awards Slip and Fall A Montgomery County jury awarded $1.6 million to our client, a telephone service repairman, who has been unable to do his job since he slipped and fell down a wet slate staircase in a Conshohocken building. After a weeklong trial before Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas Court Judge Joseph A. Smyth and three hours of deliberation, the 12-member jury found that the defendant, PQ Corp., was negligent and that the negligence had caused our client’s injuries.



Our client, aged 75 years old, was the operator of a 1997 Yamaha motorcycle travelling in the eastbound lanes of Pennsylvania Avenue, Fort Washington, PA when he was struck by a 2008 Mercedes-Benz C300 sedan operated by the Defendant, Romel Sligh, who at the time, was driving the car for Defendant, Park Avenue Motor Cars d/b/a Mercedes Benz of Fort Washington. At the time of collision, Defendant, Sligh, had exited from a driveway at 432 Pennsylvania Avenue with the intention to turn left and proceed westbound on Pennsylvania Avenue but he had to first safely cross the two travel lanes of eastbound Pennsylvania Avenue on which traffic was stopped for a red light at the intersection ahead.



An 11-day trial, a Philadelphia jury returned a $2 Million verdict for our client.

Our deceased client went to Aria Health Torresdale Hospital with a blood clot in the lung and died after he waited 10 ½ hours without getting the right treatment at the right time.  The blood clot in the lung cut off the oxygen to his heart causing his heart to stop.

The cause of death was contested by the defense.  Baratta Law called eight experts and the defense seven experts over the 11-day trial.

The defense had offered $0 in this case.



Our client was a 35-year-old female when her vehicle was struck from behind by a vehicle driven by the defendant driver and owned by the defendant company. Our client was stopped in her minivan on her way to work when she was struck from behind by the vehicle driven by the defendant driver. Our client’s minivan was pushed forward and across the oncoming lane of traffic where she was struck broadside by an SUV traveling 45 miles per hour. The second impact toppled our client’s van onto its side and into a guardrail. Our client struck her head and was found unconscious at the scene. She did not regain full consciousness until three days later. Our client was discharged from the hospital 12 days post-accident.



Our client was burned over 96 percent of his body and died 18 hours later, while at work at a Philadelphia steam plant. Our client was employed by Trigen Energy Corp., which operated a steam distribution network consisting of 33 miles of buried pipe, distributing steam to customers in Center City Philadelphia and western portions of the city. Trigen operates two main plants, on Christian Street and Grays Ferry Avenue, and maintains a third plant on Edison Street as a backup for those plants and for use during peak production in the winter. The accident occurred when Mobile was hired to dislodge ash from a “hopper” in the Edison plant.



Confidential – A delivery truck turning right struck our client, a pedestrian walking in a crosswalk. Early investigation revealed a video of the accident from a surveillance camera. Reconstruction determined that the truck driver should have been able to see the pedestrian if he had been undistracted.



Our 60-year-old client, was a pedestrian who was struck by the defendant bus driver as he was turning left from the opposite direction, striking her as she was walking in the crosswalk. Our client sustained a skull fracture that required a craniotomy and the removal of a section of skull for six months to accommodate brain swelling. Our client sustained permanent and very significant injuries to the frontal, temporal and parietal lobes that left her with extensive memory and concentration difficulties, as well as deficits in the area of executive functioning.



$1.4 million Arbitration Award for missed cancer diagnosis leads to a confidential settlement.



Confidential – Our deceased client, who was anesthetized and fully sedated due to anesthesia drugs following heart surgery, was moved by the defendant in order to check his skin. This move caused his breathing tube to fall out which resulted in his death.

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