Can you sue for pain and suffering in Pennsylvania

Can You Sue for Pain and Suffering in Pennsylvania?

Compensation for pain and suffering reimburses injured parties for their physical and emotional distress due to an accident, including things like persistent pain resulting from bone fractures, pinched nerves, or other serious physical trauma. 

It may also include depression, reduced enjoyment of life, and other psychological complications resulting from the accident. While compensation for your pain and suffering will not make the problem go away, it will assist you in coping with the day-to-day financial difficulties caused by your accident. 

Speak with a personal injury lawyer about your options following a painful injury.

Defining Pain and Suffering in Law

The term “pain and suffering” is a legal term that refers to the emotional or physical anguish a victim has experienced due to injuries sustained. Anyone who inflicts pain and suffering on another person could be liable to compensate them for damages, regardless of whether or not the person intentionally inflicts harm on you. 

Due to this concept’s general and subjective nature, suing for damage or injury can be difficult, and Pennsylvania’s two-year statute of limitations only adds to the struggle.

The law created the categories of economic and non-economic damages to address the ambiguity. Damages to one’s property, medical bills, lost income, and vehicle repairs or replacements are some examples that qualify as economic damages. 

Damages arising from intangible pain and suffering not leading to economic loss qualify as non-economic damages. In most cases, these injuries involve physical discomfort, mental anguish, or the absence of a person’s companionship.

Legal Claims for Pain and Suffering

The law determines each award—specifically, the compensation for pain and suffering a claimant is entitled to—based on the recipient’s particular circumstances. The challenge is proving the severity of your pain and suffering and indicating how much it has affected your life. 

If you’re unable to prove your pain and suffering, there are some things you can do to help your case. For instance, ensure that you have yourself checked by a doctor immediately after your mishap. Many people may assume that if they are not in pain, they don’t go to a doctor. Nut seeing a doctor right away is best for your health and your case.

Anyone who has been involved in an accident wishes they could go back in time. However, reparation for pain and suffering can help make up for the numerous hardships injury victims suffer.

Contact a Lawyer Before Time Runs Out

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