Statute of limitations for car accidents in Pennsylvania

Statute of Limitations for Car Accidents in Pennsylvania

The statute of limitations in Pennsylvania for automobile accidents and most personal injury cases is two years. The timeframe generally starts on the day the vehicle accident occurred. If someone is seriously injured or killed in a mishap, the victim or the deceased’s legal representative must have filed a lawsuit within that period. If you wait much longer than that to take legal action, your case will be dismissed outright.

Pennsylvania Car Mishaps

The Pennsylvania State Police and local municipal police departments investigate and document motor-vehicle crashes on Pennsylvania roads and highways. A significant number of car accidents in Pennsylvania were attributed to distracted driving practices. 

The negligent party may fully compensate individuals injured in this type of accident. The injured individual may be entitled to compensation for damages like damage to vehicles, medical bills, and income lost due to time off from work due to the accident.

Parties involved must investigate automobile accidents primarily because witnesses may vanish and memories of the accident fade over time. After a mishap, experts must collect photographic evidence of vehicle damage and skid marks as quickly as possible. 

Defining the Statute of Limitation

The term “Statute of Limitation” is a legal timeframe that places restrictions on the time you can sue or be sued or the maximum length of time that the parties concerned may begin judicial proceedings. The length of time allotted for a case varies based on the circumstances. 

In the case of wrongful death brought against a person for negligently or intentionally causing the death of another person, where a victim dies two months after an accident, the two-year timeframe begins on the day of one’s death, not the date of their injury.

Litigation for a car accident will apply not only in the case of personal injury or wrongful death but also in the case of property destruction. In general, the statute of limitations is the same regardless of the course you are pursuing to be compensated for your injuries or losses. It’s often preferable to retain legal counsel and pursue legal action as soon as possible to avoid having your case dismissed because you waited too long to act.

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In Pennsylvania, car accidents are the most common source of personal injury claims and lawsuits. If you or your passengers are injured in a car accident, you may seek monetary compensation. However, car accident claims in Pennsylvania can be more complicated due to the state’s unique no-fault rules. Lawyers at Baratta Law, LLC can help you navigate these rules. 

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