Philadelphia Personal Injury FAQ

Philadelphia Personal Injury FAQ

If you have just been involved in a car accident, you probably have more questions than answers. Should you admit to partial fault? How much is your claim worth? Where should you begin with your personal injury claim?

Getting into an accident can be frustrating and costly, so you might also be wondering how you will get compensated for your injuries. We know just how stressful an auto accident can be, especially if you have suffered injuries and need to focus on recovery.

Baratta Law, LLC, a firm that focuses on protecting people from all types of personal injury including car accidents, can help. We provide you with the legal support and information you need as you navigate the complexities of insurance claims, bills, missed work, and medical treatments. Here are answers to some questions about personal injury law that we hear often.

What do I need to prove that my medical bills are real?

If you have been in a car accident, the other driver’s insurance company may refuse to pay for your medical bills. If this happens, you may be able to get compensation from them by proving that your medical bills are real and reasonable. To prove this, you will need to provide:

  • Your hospital bills
  • All doctor bills related to your injuries
  • A copy of any prescriptions filled after the accident
  • Any other documentation related to your injuries
  • Doctor’s notes and medical records before and after your injury

Why would the insurance company reject my claim?

Insurance companies are for-profit companies. That means their focus is on protecting their profits, not helping you. Because of this, anything suspect about your claim may be used against you.

Let’s say you are claiming back pain from an accident that happened two months ago but had a history of back problems before. In this case, the insurance company may raise questions about whether your pain really was caused by the accident.

You may need to show that your doctor ordered X-rays or MRIs on dates close to the time of the accident, ideally within days or weeks after it happened. This shows that there were not any problems with your spine before then.

How long after an accident can I file a claim in Philadelphia?

In Pennsylvania, the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim after an accident is two years. However, there are some exceptions to the general rule, including the discovery rule. This covers cases when someone does not discover their injuries until later, sometimes after the statute of limitations would have otherwise passed.

Our experienced personal injury attorneys can help you determine if you have enough time left on your statute of limitations before it expires.

How much is my personal injury case worth?

There are no steadfast rules for how much personal injury cases are worth, but there are some guidelines that can help you understand what might be appropriate for damages in your personal injury claim. Below are some of the guides you can use for your case:

  • How Serious Your Injuries Are – Even individuals who suffer minor injuries can collect for ER and doctor visits. If you are seriously injured and have lost wages due to your injuries, you may be entitled to more. That includes funds for reduced future earning capacity if it becomes impossible for you to work because of permanent physical limitations related to the accident itself.
  • The Damages You Need to Recover – This amount is calculated by adding up the cost of your medical bills, the value of lost wages, and pain and suffering you may have experienced as a result of your personal injury accident. You can also receive compensation for any out-of-pocket expenses, such as vehicle repairs or towing charges
  • Modified Comparative Negligence –  Under this law, the amount of compensation you receive depends on how much blame is attributed to each party, and whether they are found to be negligent or partially at fault. For instance, if you’re found 80 percent liable and the other party 20 percent, you’ll receive 80 percent of the funds you’re due.

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