Why Trust Is Important to the Attorney-Client Relationship

If you have found yourself in a situation where you need to seek compensation in a court of law, reaching out to an attorney is an essential part of your defense. Trust between you and your attorney is a key factor in securing a successful claim.

From negotiation with insurance companies to your day in court, you, as the client, and your attorney will be working together to build the best case possible. Spending so much time together requires high levels of trust in order to get the most out of your defense. Without trust, you may have trouble getting the funds you’re due.

Trust Allows for Open Communication

If there‘s no trust between the client and their personal injury attorney, it’s difficult for the client to open up and be completely honest with their attorney.

Your lawyer needs evidence and the full story from your perspective when pursuing compensation for you. This means not withholding information that could impact your case if your lawyer doesn’t know about it.

Your Best Interests in Mind

Despite what you may think based on the stereotypes about lawyers, your attorney always has your best interests in mind. Your best interests are the same as their best interests in this scenario. The attorney wants to win your case and get you the compensation you’re due.

Without trusting that your attorney wants what’s best for you, it’s tough to build a relationship in which you and your injury attorney can get the best outcome in your case.

Calculating Your Damages Fairly

When you’re hurt in an accident, you need to have a frank, clear discussion with your lawyer about your economic and non-economic damages and what you’re due for your suffering. Your lawyer has the tools to calculate these damages, and if you have doubts about their services, you may be worried you’re not getting the coverage you’re due.

Likewise, if you’re not honest about the damages you’ve suffered, your lawyer can’t help you get the funds you’re due for your injuries. Some damages may seem personal or embarrassing, but hiding this suffering from your lawyer may only lead to trouble. Talk to your attorney about correcting accounting for these damages.

Addressing Conflicts

Many times, throughout a personal injury case, unforeseen conflicts will arise that need to be addressed by both you, the client, and your attorney. You both will need to trust each other to address and solve the conflict in an easy and effective manner.

This is especially vital when dealing with the insurance company, which may be acting in bad faith. Those bad-faith responses may lead to negative feelings and frustration.

Without trust between you and your attorney, it can be difficult to face an issue head-on, and you may feel hesitant to be completely honest. Honesty with your attorney will lead to the most direct solution to the issue.

Trust Your Personal Injury Attorney

When you’re hurt and suffering, you want to be sure your lawyer has your best interests in mind. When securing a strong attorney-client relationship, look no further than Baratta Law, LLC. Your lawyer is ready to help you get the answers you need when you’re suffering.

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