Getting an Accident Report in Philadelphia

Getting an Accident Report in Philadelphia

No one expects to get involved in a car accident, but it can happen at any time you’re on the road. Speeding, distractions, and drunk driving contribute to making the roads a dangerous place, and you never know what might happen when you’re the victim of a high-speed collision.

In these cases, you may need an accident report for your Philadelphia car accident. But how do you get and use your report? Here’s how the lawyers at Baratta Law, LLC can help you take action.

Do I Need a Police Report?

The first and most important step that you should consider as an accident victim is reporting what happened to the police. It will dramatically increase your chances of receiving an adequate settlement offer and provide an important piece of evidence that your attorney can use to negotiate during your legal battle.

You’re also required to report a Philadelphia car accident if it resulted in injury, death, or the damage caused prevents drivers from leaving the scene. Even if you’re involved in a minor collision, you may find yourself facing major expenses later, so it’s typically best to report the accident even if you’re unsure you’re required to report it.

How to File a Philadelphia Accident Report

What makes an accident report so important is the fact that police officers take care of it, which means that it represents an objective view of all the factors that caused the collision. This documentation also contains statements from eyewitnesses or expert witnesses, which are one of the most important pieces of evidence regarding proving liability.

If the police officers don’t file a report right after your car accident, you may be able to file an accident report with the police station of that jurisdiction. Your lawyer can help you ensure you get your report in within the required time, so you can use that evidence for your case.

How to Get a Copy of Your Accident Report

Once your accident has been reported, the police officers will file your claim into their system. After that, you can pay a fee to get a copy of your report. Typically, this can be emailed, or you can seek out a physical copy. If you’re struggling to get a copy for yourself, talk to your lawyer for help with the reporting process.

With a police report, it becomes incredibly difficult for the other driver to present a convincing version of the facts where you’re the one responsible, not to mention that an experienced car accident lawyer knows how to use a report to provide you with the best outcome for your case, even when the insurance company and the at-fault party are accusing you at the same time.

Connect with a Philadelphia Accident Lawyer

An accident report is fundamental for your claim’s success, but having one doesn’t mean that you automatically win your case. Insurance companies could still waste your time or use your statements against you. The other driver could still claim they’re innocent, and proceeding without experience or tools makes recovery difficult.

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