When Use of a Product Causes Severe Injury

Every day, we use products to help us accomplish our tasks and fulfill our obligations. When we buy something, we are relying on the manufacturer of those products and putting our safety and security in their hands. We trust that their products are safe for our use.

If you are using products in the way they are intended, yet become seriously injured because of it, you can have a potential claim against the manufacturer. This is called product liability.

What Is Product Liability?

Product liability law protects persons who have been hurt by the use of a product. It requires that manufacturers make sure that their products are safe for their intended purpose. Manufacturers and suppliers should foresee any potential hazards and work to mitigate the risks. If the risks cannot be completely controlled, at the very least there needs to be a warning to users so that the latter will practice handling care.

Should a user become seriously injured because of the product, while using it for its intended purpose, the liability is on the manufacturer. The victim can file a claim against the company and receive compensation to settle medical bills and other costs involved in the injury.

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