Our 10 Rules for Success in YOUR Personal Injury Claim

You followed the rules and did everything carefully but someone else didn’t, and now you are suffering the consequences of pain, lost time from work, mounting medical costs and the fear that the life as you knew it has been stolen from you.  Meanwhile the careless person gets to live their life as if nothing happened.

Why are you the one suffering all the consequences when you did everything the right way?  Why does the person who caused the harm suffer nothing?  What can you do?

The first step you can take is to make sure you have the right guide through this process so you can focus your energy on getting better and resuming the enjoyment of your life.  But even taking that first step is difficult because you are saying to yourself, I am not the kind of person who sues and how do I know what guide to choose.

By bringing a claim against the person who caused you harm, you are making our community safer.  By making sure that the careless person who violated the rules pays, you are proving that there are consequences to bad behavior.  This in turn makes our community safer.  You are helping to ensure that safety rules will be followed, or that if they are not, the responsible person will pay.

At Baratta Law we focus on you and what success means for you in your claim, not what it means for us.

We follow these 10 rules:

  1. We want you to recover from your injuries as soon as possible.
  2. We want you to return to work as quickly as possible.
  3. We want you to resume your activities as quickly as possible.
  4. We will guide your medical care to ensure goals 1-3 are met.
  5. We will make sure to understand ALL of your harms and losses.
  6. We will make sure to fully investigate the reasons why this happened to you and will be prepared to prove it.
  7. We will make sure that you are fairly compensated.
  8. We will spend the time needed to answer all of your questions promptly and fully.
  9. We will make sure that at the end of the case you have no lingering medical bills that will haunt you.
  10. Our success is measured by you wanting to refer someone else.

 It is a heroic and difficult step to seek to hold a careless person accountable.  It is a selfless act because it sends a message that careless acts will not be tolerated.  It evens the scales of justice by making sure the person who caused the harm, and not society as a whole, pays.

We at Baratta Law know you have many excellent choices to be your guide and we would feel privileged to be chosen.

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