Philadelphia Uber accident lawyer

Philadelphia Uber Accident Lawyer

Philadelphia Uber Accident Lawyer

Uber and other ridesharing apps have transformed the way people travel. The ridesharing trend has simplified transportation and provided many people with a new way to make money. You can call for a taxi from anywhere by simply pressing a button on your smartphone.  Regrettably, as the ridesharing industry expands, an increasing number of Uber taxis get involved in collisions. Meanwhile, insurance companies do not always provide victims with appropriate compensation.

Compensations You Can Claim After an Uber Accident

Many Uber drivers aren’t given formal training and aren’t evaluated as thoroughly as cab drivers or other commercial vehicle drivers. Consequently, Uber is often inclined to use unqualified drivers to provide transport services. 

While you’re healing, your Uber Accident Lawyer can handle your claim for damages. As a victim, you  could be compensated  if you take legal action against Uber or the Uber driver, or both for the following:

  • Medical Costs- Everything from ambulance rides to Hospital emergency visits to hospital admissions to surgical operations to diagnostic procedures to rehabilitation to prescribed medication
  • Property Damage- It covers everything that is affected by a car accident. While the damage to your vehicle is the most obvious aspect of property damage, you should also check if other personal properties were damaged in the accident.
  • Lost Earnings- Your lost wages as a result of not being able to work due to injuries sustained from your car accident
  • Non-monetary Damages- Reparations for non-monetary damages may include mental anguish, despair, inconvenience, mental trauma, impairment of society and companionship, loss of consortium, happiness, and wellbeing.

What to Do When Injured in an Uber Accident

Following an Uber accident, the best action to take depends on your conditions. Give priority to your health and the safety of everybody involved, and call 911 if anybody is injured or in imminent danger. 

If you’re physically able, there are several other things you must do immediately following your Uber accident:

  • Get the Uber driver’s information- Try to get their contact information, personal insurance information, license plate number, vehicle details, and any other information useful in filing claims.
  • See if there are witnesses and get their information- Remember not to discuss fault with witnesses. You might unintentionally say something that can be used against you in court later.
  • Call the Police Department- To lodge a complaint, contact the appropriate law enforcement agencies or go to the nearby Police Station.
  • Communicate with an Uber Accident Lawyer- To assist you with the litigation process and handle all communications with insurance providers. 

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Before speaking with Uber or an insurance adjuster, know that you are welcome to bring your case to us at Baratta Law, LLC. You can call us at 215-914-8132 or fill out the form and someone will be in contact with you. With the professional legal assistance of our competent Philadelphia Uber accident lawyers, you will have greater negotiating power to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve instead of being underpaid or unpaid.

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