Philadelphia passenger injury lawyer

Philadelphia Passenger Injury Lawyer

For everyone’s safety, the driver of the vehicle you’re in must exercise due precautionary measures. A driver has the potential to cause a collision with some other vehicle and a crash involving just one vehicle. While passengers are ordinarily incapable of causing a collision, they can be severely injured due to circumstances beyond their control. Victims of car accidents have the right to sue for their injuries and losses.

Road traffic crashes result in the death or severe injury of thousands of people each year in the United States. The vast majority of those killed in traffic accidents are occupants of motor vehicles, but many of them are bicyclists and pedestrians. Everybody else is traveling in a vehicle. The majority of the population is stunned to discover that injured passengers have the same legal and economic rights as other victims.

If you need legal guidance after an accident as a passenger, talk to Baratta Law, LLC about your options with a Philadelphia passenger injury lawyer.

Establishing Liability 

When a car accident occurs, the factors that affect drivers are equivalent to those that affect passengers. Fractures, concussions, and other internal injuries are all possible outcomes. Injured passengers and motorists alike require financial assistance to rebuild their lives following a car accident.

Following road rules, driving safely, and not taking unnecessary risks are all the primary responsibilities of a driver. Driving unsafely or inattentively can hold a driver responsible for every damage incurred by their failure to fulfill this duty.

There are cases where a third party can be held accountable for road accidents. The city could be held partially or fully accountable for an accident caused by poorly developed infrastructure. The carmaker may be held liable for an accident caused by a defect in the vehicle. In any case, proving liability for an accident requires establishing a clear association between the responsible party and the incident.

Compensation Available For You

Anyone who was negligent and contributed to the passenger’s injuries in a car accident can indeed be held responsible for damages. The person driving the vehicle carrying the passenger is also liable. If you are an injured passenger and can demonstrate that the driver was irresponsible and negligent, you can demand reparations for damages. The following are examples of possible damages that victims can recover:

  • All medical costs, including future expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Suffering and pain
  • Mental trauma

Passenger accidents can be traumatic and even life-changing for those involved. We can ease the burden for you with competent legal service. Our passenger injury lawyers are well-versed in bringing grossly irresponsible drivers to justice. We know how to recover damages through an agreement or a court’s decision.

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It might be challenging to recover from a serious passenger injury sustained in a vehicle accident, but at  Baratta Law, LLC, we believe that justice should not be difficult to obtain.

An automobile accident victim can receive compensation if they were a passenger and were injured. Learn more about how our Philadelphia passenger injury lawyers can help you with your case. Contact us now!

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