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How Do Product Liability Claims Work?

Product liability claims happen when a defective product is harmful to the user. This could be harmful by design, manufacturing, or a failure to warn users of the risks. Due... READ MORE

Feb 6, 2023

All Chiropractors are Frauds ACCORDING to Auto Insurers

Do you bill insurance companies for the treatment of patients injured in auto accidents? Did you know you are a fraud? Inventing Fraud For Profit In the 1990’s, global consulting giant McKinsey & Company revolutionized the way auto insurance companies... READ MORE

Jan 20, 2022

10 Ways for Chiropractors to Make the Auto Insurers Lie IMPOSSIBLE

It is impossible to stop someone from telling a lie about you.  But when you know what lie they want to tell, you can protect yourself from it by making the lie impossible to believe.   In Part 1 of this... READ MORE

Jan 6, 2022
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